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ChillPup™ Summer Pet Cooling Vest!

ChillPup™ Summer Pet Cooling Vest!

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CoolPaws™ Cooling Vests for Dogs: Beat the Heat in Style and Comfort!


  1. Rugged Durability: CoolPaws™ Cooling Vests are crafted with antiwear and tear-proof properties, ensuring long-lasting performance for your beloved pets.
  2. Stay Cool Technology: Designed to beat the heat, our vests feature a layered construction. The outer layer reflects heat and aids in evaporation, while the middle layer absorbs and stores water for prolonged cooling effect.
  3. Peak Performance: Our soft and lightweight material ensures unrestricted movement for dogs of all sizes. The cooling vest also provides UV protection, shielding your furry friend from the scorching summer sun, preventing sunburn, and keeping them refreshed, as if they were in a cool swamp.

Product Information:

  • Material: Premium Polyester
  • Product Category: Dog Clothes
  • Color Options: Vibrant shades of orange, mint green, blue, and pink
  • Specifications: Various sizes available to fit different breeds:S: Collar 35, Bust 30-48, Back Length 28M: Collar 38, Bust 39-56, Back Length 35L: Collar 44, Bust 49-70, Back Length 42XL: Collar 51, Bust 60-80, Back Length 50XXL: Collar 56, Bust 74-94, Back Length 58XXXL: Collar 65, Bust 84-110, Back Length 67


Keep your furry friends cool, comfortable, and stylish with CoolPaws™ Cooling Vests for Dogs. Embrace the summer adventures together with peace of mind, knowing your pets are protected from the scorching heat. Get your CoolPaws™ Cooling Vest today and let your dogs experience the ultimate coolness on their outdoor escapades!

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Dog vest*1

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