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"FlameX™ - The Ultimate Double Fire Metal Lighter"

"FlameX™ - The Ultimate Double Fire Metal Lighter"

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Introducing the FlameGuard™ Double Flame Metal Lighter: Unleash the Fierce Blue Fire!

Double Flame Mastery: Embrace the power of wind-proof direct jet blue fire with our innovative double flame design. Simply open the head cover, press the switch, and watch the fierce and windproof flame come to life! Switch to open flame mode by pressing the ignition switch, where the blue flame gracefully emerges, ready for action.

️ Windproof & Portable: Our practical and portable design ensures a reliable windproof experience. Weighing only about 1.6 oz, this sleek lighter stands tall at H 2.87 inches x W 1.29 inches, making it the perfect companion for your adventures. ️

️ Fashionable & Utility: Blaze through life's moments with fashion and utility combined. Ideal for cigars, cigarettes, hiking, camping, BBQ, and more, the FlameGuard™ lighter is an essential tool for your outdoor activities.

Novelty Dragon Guardian: Feel the awe as a dragon stands guard over your FlameGuard™ lighter. With a whimsical design, the flame emerges from the dragon's mouth, adding a playful and interesting touch to your everyday life. A perfect gift for Father, Boyfriend, or any cherished Family member.

Product Information: Material: Metal Type of Lighter Oil: Butane Colors: Black Scrub-Crocodile bk-872, Gold Scrub-Crocodile bk-872, Blue Scrub-Crocodile bk-872, Black Scrub-Dolphin bk-872, Gold Scrub-Dolphin bk-872, Blue Scrub-Dolphin bk-872


Ignite your style and excitement with the FlameGuard™ Double Flame Metal Lighter - A Marvel of Fire and Imagination!

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Lighter*1 (without gas)


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