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Sneak✨ StepGuard™ Sneaker Sole Protector!

Sneak✨ StepGuard™ Sneaker Sole Protector!

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️ Introducing StepGuard™ Sneaker Sole Protectors: Elevate Your Sneaker Game with Ultimate Protection and Style! ✨ #StepGuardSoleProtectors #SneakerSoleProtection #WearResistantStickers #UltimateSneakerCare #TransparentDesign #StylishFootwearEssentials #ElevateYourSneakerStyle

Overview: Specially designed for sneaker soles, the StepGuard™ Sole Protectors feature a soft texture that easily adheres to the sole, providing firm and wear-resistant coverage. With excellent self-adhesive properties, these sole tapes stay securely in place and remain invisible after application. Not only do they protect your beloved shoe soles from wear and tear, but they also ensure your safety while walking with enhanced grip and traction.

Product Information:

  • Color Classification:Rubber Transparent (width 10 cm * 1.5 meters long)G Carrefour Special Package [for women's shoes]Rubber Black (1 meter long) + Forefoot Stickers (2 pairs)Rubber Transparent (width 10 cm * 1.5 meters long) + Heel Stickers (3 pairs)Transparent Large Forefoot Stickers (4 pairs) [for round toe shoes]Rubber Transparent (width 10 cm x length 3 meters)Rubber Transparent (width 10 cm * length 5 meters)
  • Color: Clear, Black
  • Material: Special Rubber Anti-Skid Particles
  • Use: Protection
  • Specifications: Width 10cm x 1.5m

Packing List: Each set of StepGuard™ Sneaker Sole Protectors includes wear-resistant stickers, scissors, adhesion promoter, and a cleaning sponge to ensure easy and precise application for the ultimate sneaker care.


Elevate your sneaker style and protect your footwear investment with StepGuard™ Sneaker Sole Protectors. Shield your soles in style, ensuring comfort, grip, and longevity for your beloved sneakers. Elevate your sneaker game with the ultimate protection and style today! ✨ #SneakerStyleRevolution #StepGuardedSneakers #FootwearProtection #SneakerEssentials #SneakerCareRevolution #StepGuardedSole #UltimateSneakerAccessory

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